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Textures 022: Lights

So, I know I've pretty much dropped off the face of LiveJournal, but it's been a busy year! I'm done with my first year of university (yay!) and looking forward to having a (hopefully) restful and productive summer. :)

But down to business! Ten textures, made from my own photos. They're really big: 3456x2304. Before you cringe, just think of how high-res they will be! And if you're into photography, think of how you can use them to apply cool effects to all your photos without having to resize them!

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Vote for me?

Hello! I'm sure you're all just thrilled that I'm posting with a plea for help...but would you consider voting for my photos? It takes only seconds to vote (you don't need to have an account) and you could win me $1000 for school and make me very happy! :D You can vote multiple times; you just have to wait 8 hours between each vote.